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Echoflare is Canadian company and industry leading managed IT services provider delivering infrastructure design/deployment, network and systems monitoring, cloud hosting, consulting, digital transformation, IT project management and cyber security solutions tailored to meet your organization’s needs, today and as you grow. We serve clients from a variety of industries including but not limited to finance, banking, pharmaceuticals, mining, manufacturing and many more. Our experience across various industries is well recognized and valued by our clients and our industry peers.

What we do

Echoflare streamlines your IT management and aligns technology with your business strategy. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business and the foundation of your internal processes. Our experienced professionals give you peace of mind so that you can stay focused on your growth.

IT Consulting and Advisory

We have successfully assisted many organizations with technical reviews and formal audits, identifying potential weaknesses in critical infrastructure workflows and operations. Our professional experts have experience in conducting a wide range of formal audits including information security, cyber security, 3rd party software licensing, and compliance and regulation. Know where your business stands today so that you can plan for tomorrow.

Managed IT Services

Echoflare understands that no two organizations are alike and each unique in it's own infrastructure design and business processes. With this in mind, Echoflare transforms your organization’s IT asset maintenance and IT support into a secure, efficient, and scalable process by providing you integrated access to our 24/7 guaranteed 10 minute ticket response. This coupled with our continuous network and systems monitoring, you rest assured that IT is never the bottleneck to your business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether you’re using legacy solutions or you’re managing a cloud platform, backup can quickly become complicated and difficult to manage. Whether you're an executive, office manager, or IT professional, we have the tools and expertise to ensure your systems are backed up, restorable and archived responsibly. Business continuity is often an afterthought until it's too late. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions prevent your business from becoming a statistic.

Cloud and Digital Transformation

You know organizations are moving to the cloud but you aren't sure if your business should too. Many businesses are taking advantage of the security, scalability and cost saving benefits that the cloud can bring, so why shouldn't you. Having your critical infrastructure on premise is not always the best fit solution. Echoflare's experts have assisted many organizations assess the suitability and economy of moving to a cloud solution. Make the transformation with confidence.

Tailored Cyber Security Solutions

Many large organizations become victimized by cyber criminals. You may have wondered if your organization could be next. We ensure your attack surface is minimized and your network and systems hardened. Protecting your organizations data and IT infrastructure from cyber criminals should never be an after thought. There's never a better time to be proactive about your cyber security. Don't wait until it's too late and protect your biggest investment, your business.

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